A Few Interesting Facts on the History of Jazz Music

The pleasant soul searching sound of jazz music has paved way for many music lovers to end their depressive thoughts to lead a good enjoyable life. The music not only soothes your inner soul, its melody helps in enjoying wonderful relaxing moments after spending an active day.

The story of Jazz is quite interesting. It all started in the early years of the19th century when jazz music flourished in the provinces of USA. Its popularity has lead to assemblage of numerous jazz clubs presenting a wonderful platform to enjoy Jazz music performed by well known as well as budding musicians.

Know more about Jazz music reaching successful heights:

Its emergence – All the credit in bringing this wonderful music goes to the Crescent city, New Orleans musicians. It all started with the brass instruments playing marching brands paraded in the city as a part of funeral procession. Moreover, all kinds of instruments were played for entertainment during the local dance festivals and in mass group celebrations. This all contributed to the origin of jazz music composition.

Another reason for jazz to take mega form in the city was that it was home to famous musicians playing clarinet like Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet and Jimmy Noone. Yes, even Louis Armstrong, the well-known cornet player was from this city.

Becoming main stream form of music in NYC – In the early years of 1920s Jazz became a favorite music sought by the New Yorkers. It was basically brought in by Fletcher Henderson in a famous music arena well known as Cotton Club. Later, the arrival of Louis Armstrong in Fletcher’s musical band changed the whole scenario of jazz music. In Chicago, jazz music spread its web over millions of music enthusiasts, thus people started to recognize jazz music as all time favorite of theirs. Duke Ellington bought in more colorful composition in jazz music that made him most popular musician globally. Clarence Williams is the musician organizing jazz music shows in all regions of New York thus paving ways for many famous jazz composers to achieve fame throughout their career in the city.

American soil became the righteous place of organizing, composing and playing jazz music for many musicians. The prominent reasons are people loving the music and the start up of jazz clubs. Throughout USA there are hundreds of jazz clubs still fully doing great job in organizing jazz music shows for their guests. The most famous ones are NYC jazz clubs providing all time entertaining jazz music for its lovers in the comfortable ambience of their club premises. People just love to watch live jazz music played by their favorite musicians while dining and drinking along with other jazz enthusiasts.