A look into the life of musician Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg is best known as a composer, musician and instrumentalist. He was famed in the 1980s for his songs like “Same Old Lang Syne”. In 2017, he was inducted into Colorado Music Hall of Fame, and the hall in that year donated a considerable part of its profits for fight against cancer. In this post, we are taking a look into the life of Dan Fogelberg.

Early life Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg’s parents were Margaret and Lawrence Peter Fogelberg. His mother is a Scottish immigrant, while his father is from Sweden. His popular song – “Leader of the Band” – was inspired by his father. Dan started learning musical instruments early in life and joined a band called The Clan at the age of 14. The Coachmen was the second band that he had joined, and that band actually released two of Dan’s first singles. Dan later joined University of Illinois and continued playing at the local venues, before venturing into his solo performances as an acoustic player.

Turnaround in life

Irving Azoff discovered him later and helped him start his career, by sending him to Nashville, Tennessee to improve and work on his skills. It was there that he recorded his first album with Norbert Putnam. His first debut album came up in 1972 called Home Free, and while the initial response was not that great, the album eventually became insanely popular. He has done the opening act way back in 1970s for Van Morrison. He came up with his second album called Souvenirs, of which he got his first major hit called “Part of the Plan”. Some of his other popular albums include Captured Angel, which released in 1975.

In late 70s, he collaborated with Tim Weisberg to come up with hits like “The Power of Gold”. Some of the other popular songs include Phoenix and Longer. “Heart Hotels” was also one of his best songs, but most of his fans remember him from Longer, which remains his major hit selling more than two million copies. Fogelberg did have an issue with stage fright, and as a result, he didn’t quite sell himself as much as he would have wanted, although he had refused the same. He admitted that he had cancelled shows and live appearances because of streptococcal tonsillitis.

You can find more about him at Colorado Music Hall of Fame, where as mentioned he is an inductee since 2016.