Tips when Assessing a Used Musical Instrument

Taking music education can cost you a huge amount of money. New instruments can cost between $150 and $2, 000, depending on what instrument you buy and its quality. Plus, buying a substandard instrument will not successfully help you build your skills if you are new to the instrument. As a result, your instrument will become a source of discouragement instead of a chance to grow and succeed.

However, there are a lot of used instruments available on the market. For less than half the cost of new instruments, you can play a much better quality, gently-used instrument. However, not all used instruments are good so you must know how to pick the right one. Below are some tips to help you make the right choice of instrument:

Understand the Possible Issues of the Instrument

This requires you to spend some time reading about the possible issues of the instrument you want to play. For instance, a used guitar can wind up with a warped neck. A used brass instrument can wind up with bent slides or broken valves.  Some issues can be fixed while others cannot. Make sure you know how to recognize a problem before you start shopping.

Ask Questions

If you are looking to purchase a musical instrument from an individual, ask questions about its history. How did the owner maintain the instrument? How long has it been since he last used it? Did the instrument go through a major repair before? In case you are buying an instrument from a dealer or a Music Store Eau Claire, WI, you may not get this information. But, they may tell you what repairs have been made to make the instrument sale-ready.

Examine the Instrument

Although it may be impossible to diagnose issues with one look, you can get a feel for how the instrument has been treated. Seeing dents and stains on the instruments will indicate how the owner has been handling it. Make sure to check all the keys and valves to ensure they are moving in working order. If they are sticky, this means there could be more serious issues with the instrument. In case, you choose to bring in someone to look at the instrument for you, take their advice under consideration and ask questions on how it will cost to repair. Also, ask about what the instrument will be like if you don’t repair it.