What You Need to Know as A New Viola Player?

Some of you who wish to take Viola lessons and already know a bit about music instruments, would definitely know what a viola is. For those who are new to music and choose viola because you thought its unique and cool, yes it definitely is. Let me start by giving a quick brief on what viola is.

What is a viola?

A viola is a new age musical instrument whose size is between the violin and the cello, larger than a violin and smaller than a cello.

The Viola advantages

A musician who finds the violin’s pitch to be too high to sing along and at the same time finds the cello to be too heavy to operate, viola can be the right intermediate sized solution. The viola players have an edge over the other two instrument players.

A Viola learner?

Now let me brief you on things you need to know about viola and about being a new learner of an art form, especially if you are an adult.

  • Right size – Choosing the right size of Viola to fit your body type is possible and important in this art form.
  • Start slow – Like in any new learning experience, it’s always important to start slow from the basics and take little steps towards the more advanced level. So have patience.
  • Warm up – If you take a few days break while you are in the learning phase, it is important for you to spend more time on the practice as you would have lost touch.
  • Proper posture – Not only for viola, learning and mastering the right posture is important for any instrument. It is one of the secrets for best output.
  • Instrument maintenance – The viola that you are using for your practices, still needs some periodic maintenance even if you keep it with utmost care and reverence.

  • Enjoy your sessions – Always remember to enjoy your music lessons. After all you started to learn viola because you loved it.

Last but not the least, remember that each day is different. If for some reason you are not at your best or you are unable to focus or achieve something, that is not the end of the road.

Having a positive attitude, staying cool and perseverance without frustration are some of the most important quality that a viola learner should possess. Good luck with your Viola!